Itri in Italy

Itri and the Natural Park of the Aurunci Mountains

The town of Itri is close to the Natural Park of the Aurunci Mountains. This nature reserve if of outstanding natural beauty. It has numerous hiking paths and mountain bike tracks which traverse the wonderful terrain.  There are beautiful mountain vistas and spectacular panoramas of the coastline and islands.

Map of the Aurunci Mountains

The Natural Park of the Aurunci Mountains near Itri in Italy

Photos of the Aurunci Mountains Natural Park

Monte Redentore and Views

The Campello District of Itri

Driving out of Itri in the direction of Campodimele, along the SS82, you will see signs indicating the way to the area of Campello.  Off the beaten track, in this area of a verdant plateau surrounded by woods, the very first settlement in the territory of Itri was established.  This village Campello Vecchio, was abandoned in the Middle Ages,  probably due to the reduced number of inhabitants and the difficult climatic conditions. Even today some remains of this ancient community can still be seen.

Campello is particularly popular with families during the month of August, when they head into the mountains in search of some cool fresh air and the peace and quiet of the countryside.  Some just come to picnic while others set up a huge improvised campsite for the duration.  Here you can find an Agriturismo with a rustic restaurant, which serves traditional local dishes.  There is also a centre for Horse Riding.  Near to Campello is the treetop Woodpark Adventure Park.