Itri Italy

The Feast of the Madonna della Cività Patron of Itri

The highlight of the year in Itri is the festival dedicated to its patron, La Madonna della Cività.  The celebrations are held over the span of three days – 20th, 21st, 22nd July. There are religious processions with strong townsmen carrying the silver statue of the Madonna and Child through all the quarters of Itri.

The Silver Statue of the Madonna della Cività

The silver statue is normally kept in a secure side chapel of the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Piazza Annunziata. The statue was funded by the generous donations of the townspeople of Itri.

The Town Illuminations and Stalls

At night, during the festivities, Itri’s streets are illuminated by an array of multi-coloured lights.

Via Farnese is lined with many stalls selling an array of items.

Each evening during the three days of celebrations a concert  is held in one of the town’s squares.

The final night of the Festa Della Madonna Della Cività culminates in a spectacular firework display held at the castle.