Itri Italy

Photos of the Lower Part of Itri

Some photos of the lower part of Itri. Views of the junction of Via Farnese with the present Via Appia (SS7) and steps leading up into the old Medieval Hilltop centre.

Itri Along the SS7 Via Appia 

The Murat Fountain

The circular fountain was commissioned and built in approximately 1810 to 1812 by Joachim Murat who reigned as the Napoleonic King of Naples from 1808 to 1815. Murat was the brother-in-law of Napoleon. The fountain was originally sited in Piazza Annunziata. It is said that the noise of the local people of Itri, who gathered there to fill their earthenware containers with water, disturbed the services being held in the church. Consequently the fountain was repositioned in Piazza Armando Diaz, where it is currently located. The fountain was badly damaged during the bombing of the Second World War.

Piazza Incoronazione

Via Farnese leads into Piazza Incoronazione. During the feast of the Madonna della Cività often musical concerts are held in this square.

The Town Hall in Piazza Umberto

Adjacent to Piazza Incoronazione is Piazza Umberto and the Town Hall or Comune of Itri.

Beautiful carvings on the facade of the Comune.

Piazzale Santo Padre Pio

The small square or piazzale dedicated to Santo Padre Pio.

Piazza G. Rodari and the Parco Giovanni Ialongo

Itri Friday Market